What we do

Enterprise class transactional solutions for mobile and blockchain technologies

For the past decade 2D Sense has been at the forefront of mobile technology with its enterprise class solutions being deployed by some of the worlds largest companies.

Since early 2017 we have exclusively focused on the next level of our technologies to deliver a fully immersive product synergy of Blotcode symbology, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Feel free to visit our dedicated website blot.codes for further information and request early access to the project.

Our milestones

  • 2007
    iMatrix App: the first QR Code reader for iPhone
  • 2008
    iMatrix App: support of Datamatrix, Aztec and EZCode symbologies
    Launch of transactional platform for 2D codes: 2DSAPI V1.0
    iMatrix App: 450’000 installations
    Invention of Blotcode
    Invention of Dandelion code
  • 2008
    2D Sense App: new name for App Store
    2D Sense App: official reader for Shotcode
    2DSAPI V2.0
  • 2009
    Invention of LogoTag
    Multi-symbology decoding and encoding engine for mobile platforms
  • 2014
    Start of IP Licensing
    Key partnerships for developing enterprise-class mobile solutions for UK and USA clients
  • 2015
    Blotcode 2.0: improved encoding scheme
  • 2016
    Integration of private blockchain into experimental 2DSAPI V3.0
    Focus on own 2D code based solutions
    Blotcode was chosen as a basis for future products
  • 2017
    A new project was launched:
    Synergy of the Blotcode and Cryptocurrency
  • 2018
    The project got its name and space: Blot.codes
    Preparation of Token Distribution Event

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